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Flagship Projects

Each year, strategic projects of the location partners in the individual fields action are made visible in the program book. In addition to the strategic projects, there are major projects that have a special supraregional appeal. These projects emerge from the strategic analysis process. Decisions on the flagship projects are made at the political level in consultation with the location partners.

Following flagship projects are currently in the pipeline:


Model Region Sustainable Plastics Solutions

In the action field "Efficient and sustainable production", Upper Austria has set itself the goal of becoming a model region for a circular economy. Since Austria, and Upper Austria in particular has a very strong plastics industry, the focus is on implementing sustainable plastics solutions along the entire value chain. Together with representatives from research, industry, and politics, a roadmap (strategic plan) is currently being developed to address the challenges regarding plastic waste.

The workshops with the stakeholders of the value chain resulted in three sets of topics, also with different measures which are necessary for Upper Austria to be perceived as a model region for the plastics recycling economy.


Design4Circularity includes topics such as recyclable products and packaging, sustainable design, labeling standards, reusable alternatives, closed and open loop systems, etc.

Collecting, Sorting, Recycling

Collecting, Sorting, Recycling includes topics such as waste management challenges with plastics, such as standardized collection systems in Austria, sorting infrastructure and sorting technologies, and quality-oriented recycling.

Materials, Technology, Research & Development

Materials, Technology, Research & Development has a strong focus on R&D, competence building, and infrastructure. Topics such as digitalization, for example, the use of artificial intelligence in the sorting process through to the development of mechanical inline control systems, as well as further technological developments and studies on behalf of science.

Report only available in German – for more information please contact us.


Future Mobility Region Upper Austria

PTTH becomes Future Mobility Region: The economic sectors of mobility and energy are undergoing a fundamental change. Existing competencies at the location are bundled under the title "Future Mobility Region" to secure Upper Austria as a business, industrial, and research location as well as increase international visibility. With a wide range of mobility solutions within a radius of 50 kilometers, Upper Austria provides the necessary expertise for the development and production of sustainable vehicle concepts for commercial and special vehicles.

Future Mobility Region online: www.futuremobilityregion.com



Hydrogen & Carbon Management Austria

The war between Russia and Ukraine poses major challenges for the energy market, however, at the same time, it presents new opportunities to accelerate the switch from gas from Russia to renewable energies. The production, storage, and use of hydrogen and the recycling of carbon dioxide are being researched as part of Hydrogen & Carbon Management Austria (HCMA). The use of climate-neutral hydrogen (H2) is a major topic for the future in Upper Austria, both in research and industry as well as in education. The vision by 2030 is the 100% transformation of the energy system in Austria.

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