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Connected and efficient mobility

At the moment around 43 percent of all employees in the Austrian automotive industry are are currently working in Upper Austria. The export quota in this industry is 82 percent. The current structural evolution in the mobility sector has a significant impact on Upper Austrian business and the region as a location. For a province that is so strong on exports like Upper Austria, ongoing developments in the automotive industry are essential for maintaining economic stability and securing many jobs in the region. Structural evolution is driving a number of new technologies and system innovations. Developments in the powertrain industry towards alternative drive systems will lead to severe shifts in the value creation chains. New and innovative mobility services as well as digitised vehicle systems will continue to gain in importance in the future.


  • Make positive use of the structural evolution in the Upper Austrian supplier industry and maintain assertive position in existing and new areas of business
  • Position Upper Austria as an attractive location for practical mobility and logistics solutions by using the latest technologies and system innovations derived from business and research

What connected and efficient mobility for Upper Austria mean for us:

  • We see the structural evolution in the mobility sector as an opportunity and are handling new demands on Upper Austrian suppliers proactively.
  • We focus on the development of new mobility services and network different transport providers to promote the transfer of knowledge and technologies from many different areas.