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The big picture – or: what is it all about?

A common strategy for Upper Austria

"How do you manage to not jump on every trend and still keep ahead?"

A location, a region, needs a shared strategy. #upperVISION2030 is far from being the first strategy for business and research policy in Upper Austria - on the contrary: we launched our first strategic programme more than 20 years ago. The pace of development has increased dramatically over the past two decades. When the term "evolution" is no longer sufficient to describe the force of change, then it is referred to as disruption. How can an entire region with its innumerable protagonists equip itself for an era in which today's boom sectors have already evaporated by tomorrow? How do you manage to not jump on every bandwagon and still keep ahead?" #upperVISION2030 is the well thought out, shared response. On the one hand it is a stringent process to ensure both long-term orientation and sufficient flexibility. And it is also a clear concept in terms of content designed to meet the great challenges of our time so that the existing strengths of Upper Austria as a location are used in the best possible way. The central focus is on people and their skills with a view to social and technological developments.

Fit for the digital age

The economic and social benefits of the digital transformation have been successfully implemented in business and industry - our main focus is on people. By 2030 Upper Austria will be a dynamic and cosmopolitan model region for digital humanism - an era that is now emerging as a result of the cooperation between all political, economic and scientific forces.

Fit for sustainable solutions

In 2030 Upper Austria will be perceived as an industrial region that acts sustainably and that people want to live in. The responsible use and reuse of resources is an essential element here. Upper Austrian businesses and industries are an essential part of the solution to future challenges and can therefore continue to maintain their position among the top players on a global playing field.

Fit for human-centred technology

Artificial intelligence and robotics will be implemented in all areas of life in 2030 wherever they are needed. The underlying technologies have been made comprehensible to the general public leading to a high level of acceptance in daily use.

Fit for new mobility

Upper Austria has successfully mastered the structural change in the mobility sector in 2030. Thanks to their expertise, Upper Austrian companies continue to be sought-after partners internationally and successful providers of mobility solutions and components.