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The strategic framework at a glance

In order for Upper Austria to remain a location for business, industry and research and to maintain its international competitiveness, our objective must be to promote the development of products, services and technologies and to generate more founding, researching, technology-oriented and exporting companies in Upper Austria.

We focus on smart specialisation and the rapid transfer of research results into business applications in order to place Upper Austria at the forefront of technological developments. In doing so, we build on the existing strengths of our economy and support Upper Austria's leading companies in expanding their technological lead. Through early recognition of disruptive technologies and the rapid identification of areas of application, we can accelerate development of new business models to create future-proof jobs.

Positioning Upper Austria as a modern technology location increases its attractiveness and visibility for skilled and talented employees in the face of international competition. We build on our existing regional and national networks and continue to drive internationalisation forward. In order to overcome system and sector boundaries, we need to build bridges between disciplines that have so far been separate. Our objective is to think more in interdisciplinary approaches in order to make maximum use of the competences and expertise available in Upper Austria. Using the latest digital technologies we redesign value chains and ensure regional value chains by encouraging cross-sector cooperation. We set development priorities in areas where we can make promising use of our strengths.

At the centre of #upperVISION2030 are people who are skilled and educated and represent a key location factor for Upper Austria. They form the basis for stable growth. For this reason we must ensure the availability of suitably qualified employees for business, industry and research in Upper Austria over the long term. In addition, there are key technologies and core competences that make Upper Austria independent of a particular industry or subject area.

In order to meet future challenges, the existing core competencies and key technologies - especially in the fields of mechatronics, materials, and information and communication technology - are being continuously developed and expanded. In the third circle, the digital transformation stands as an enabler for all business sectors. Finally, the three content-related fields of "Systems & technologies for people", "Efficient and sustainable industry & production" and "Connected and efficient mobility" follow with their respective thematic focuses.