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Workplace Upper Austria 2030

Workplace Upper Austria 2030 Strategy for securing skilled labor for Upper Austria.

Workplace Upper Austria 2030 is the strategic framework program underlying labor market policy in Upper Austria. Since 2012, this strategy has been the long-term framework for action in Upper Austria's labor market policy. The goals of the program are to secure skilled workers for the Upper Austrian economy in the long term and to avoid unemployment as best as possible with the aim of achieving full employment.

The most important core points for securing skilled workers are:

  • Qualification in line with demand
    Existing and demanded qualifications on the labor market are optimally balanced and the Upper Austrian education and training system provides qualifications in line with demand.
  • Activation for high labor force participation
    The potential of Upper Austria's employable workforce is utilized in the best possible manner - a high level of Upper Austrian labor force participation is decisive
  • Attraction and retention of skilled workers
    Ensuring the stability or slight growth of Upper Austria's employable population.

For more information visit www.arbeitsplatz-oberoesterreich.at/en/