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Efficient and sustainable industry and manufacturing

As the leader in the Austrian ranking, Upper Austria is responsible for a quarter of the total industrial production in our country. Industry and manufacturing in Upper Austria are characterised by a strong business base with many companies that are active internationally. The key to further strengthening the industry and maintaining its high level of value creation lies in the ongoing development of regional production through the use of new technologies. By promoting circular economies we can reduce material consumption and further increase the productivity of raw materials. Because Upper Austria is dependent on importing up to two thirds of its energy, innovations in systems for the storage and distribution of energy will be a decisive success factor for a competitive industry.



  • Maintain and expand the technological lead of companies in the region in order to continue to successfully place innovative products and services on national and international markets
  • Increase the efficiency of Upper Austrian business and industry and position Upper Austria as a region for "Responsible Technologies & Management

What efficient and sustainable industry and manufacturing in Upper Austria mean for us:

  • We develop technological processes that increase flexibility in terms of the use of raw materials, enable the cascading or coupled use of raw and residual materials and generate additional added value as a result.
  • We increase the efficiency and sustainability of processes and production methods by implementing new technologies, such as Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Data Driven Modelling & Simulation etc. with respect to Responsible Technologies and bring these new technologies to practical applications.
  • We take into consideration the reuse of components or their recyclability in terms of a holistic product life cycle by promoting recycling-compatible product design.
  • We focus on the issues of storage, distribution and efficient consumption of energy and on coupling power, heat, transport and industry by using new technologies and system innovations.
  • We see reliable supply, affordability and environmental compatibility as key factors for a competitive reduction in the consumption of fossil fuels.