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Regional Calls

Call Future Energy Technologies

In 2030, Upper Austria’s vision is to be perceived as a livable and sustainably operating industrial region. Responsible use and reuse of resources are essential elements.
As Austrian front-runners, Upper Austrian companies are responsible for a quarter of our country's total production. Given that Upper Austria depends on energy imports for around two-thirds, system innovations for energy generation, storage, and distribution will be a decisive success factor for competitive industries and companies.
Efficient and sustainable industry and production in Upper Austria mean:

  • We focus on the topics of energy generation, storage, distribution, and efficient consumption, as well as the integration of the electricity, heat, transportation, and industrial sectors through new technologies and system innovations.
  • We consider supply security, affordability, and environmental compatibility as key factors for a competitive reduction in the consumption of fossil energy sources.


Call Future Mobility

The economic sectors of mobility and energy and the social structures associated with them are undergoing fundamental change. Technological, economic, ecological, political, and social trends are influencing the automotive industry not only on a global level but also in the Upper Austrian region. Drivers of this structural change are new players and changing geopolitical conditions and value chains and new drive technologies, digitalization and automation, climate and environmental targets, urban structures, and new behaviors through the sharing economy.

In order to face future challenges for Upper Austria as a business and research location, the existing core competencies and key technologies especially in the field of action of connected and efficient mobility will be continuously developed and expanded.


Call Digital Transformation

In order to meet future challenges, existing core competencies and key technologies - especially in the areas of information and communications technology - will be continuously developed and expanded. By combining existing technologies and competencies, new knowledge is generated.

Digital Transformation is rethinking existing value chains, which can change entire business models. Data-based decisions and service economy are becoming increasingly important in companies, and the use of new technologies in data-driven companies is also having an impact on existing organizational forms. A basic prerequisite for the networking of machines and processes is the acceptance of the new technologies by the user. Therefore, topics such as data security and control over one's own data are becoming mroe relevant.


Call Digital Health - The Digital Patient Journey

Digital transformation has a great impact on almost all areas of life. It provides the basis for further development of latest technologies and sets the course for Upper Austria's economy, industry and also healthcare. Latest digital technologies, artificial intelligence, and assistive systems are used in all aspects of life, including in particular healthcare. In recent years the area of medical technology has developed strongly in Upper Austria. Digital transformation is rethinking existing value chains in the healthcare sector, which changes entire business models.


Call Circular Economy

This is an initiative of the Upper Austrian government within the framework of the strategic economic and research program #upperVISION2030. The aim is to position Upper Austria as a flagship region for responsible technologies and management.

Call AI-Region Upper Austria

By 2030, Upper Austria should establish itself as a model region for artificial intelligence and digital humanism, in which people are placed at the center of technological developments.
The digital transformation and the topic of AI are a prerequisite and a game changer for the Upper Austrian economy and industry. Digitalization is rethinking existing value chains, which can change entire business models. Data-based decisions and servitization (product-service system) are becoming increasingly important in companies and the use of new technologies in data-driven companies also has an impact on existing organizational forms.
The topic of AI is firmly anchored in the defined fields of action of the Upper Austrian economic and research strategy #upperVISION2030 and will in the future represent an essential basis for the further development of the latest technologies in the individual fields of action and their transfer into application.

Fit for the digital age

  • Creation of knowledge and value through the use of data; Raising the innovation potential of new technologies, such as big data, artificial intelligence, etc.
  • Achieving a pionieering position in the field of human-centered artificial intelligence and setting quality standards in the validation of AI systems with regard to safety and reliability in use.

Fit for Sustainable Solutions

  • Increasing the efficiency and sustainability of processes and production methods using new technologies, such as big data, methods from the field of artificial intelligence, data driven modeling, etc. in the sense of „Responsible Technologies“

Fit for human-centered technologies

  • Artificial intelligence and supporting systems are used sensibly in all areas of life and enable people to actively participate in their usual environment for longer.

Fit for new mobility

  • By using the latest technologies such as AI, etc., we position ourselves as a location for practical mobility and logistics solutions.

Call H2 for Transition

By 2030, Upper Austria should be perceived as a livable and sustainable industrial region. The „Call H2 for Transition“ and the „Call Future Energy Technologies“ share the same goal: to promote the responsible use and reuse of resources. It emphasizes the importance of Upper Austrian companies and industry for state production.
The present call for tenders is intended to contribute to achieving the same goals of Call Future Energy Technologies, with the following objectives being particularly in focus for this call for tenders:

  • Generation of knowledge and value creation at the location, raising the innovation potential of new technologies and their transfer into application 
  • Maintaining and expanding the technological lead of companies in Upper Austria and successfully asserting themselves in existing and new business areas
  • Increasing the efficiency of Upper Austrian Economy and industry as well as positioning of Upper Austria as a region for „Responsible Technologies & Management


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