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Digital transformation

Digital transformation has had an influence on virtually every area of life. It represents the basis for the further development of the latest technologies and sets the course for Upper Austrian business and industry. Digitisation prompts the rethinking of existing value chains and can change entire business models. Companies are finding that data-based decisions and servitisation are becoming more and more important and the use of new technologies in data-driven companies also has an impact on existing organisational structures. A basic prerequisite for the networking of machines and processes is that users accept the new technologies. Issues such as data security and having control of one's own data are therefore becoming increasingly relevant.



  • Use data to generate knowledge and create value by raising the innovation potential of new technologies, such as Big Data, Artificial Intelligence etc. in priority areas of action and transferring new technologies into applications
  • Achieve a pioneering position in the field of human-centred AI and set quality standards in the classification of AI systems in terms of security and reliability in the way they are used

What leading Upper Austria strengthened by the digital transformation means for us

  • We make businesses aware of the necessity for digital transformation.
  • We rethink existing business models and make decisions based on trusted data using new tools and technologies.
  • We focus on creating and using secure and correct software and hardware systems.